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Interview with author Lance Burson

Today I’m speaking with the ebullient Lance Burson, writer, comedian and author of The Ballad of Helene Troy. M:  The Ballad of Helene Troy really captures the fast-paced lifestyle and the gritty and non-glamorous side of the music scene. It feels authentic; right down to the rock and roll jargon that’s used throughout the book. …

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Interview with Tony @bornmiserable

Today I’m speaking with Tony, who is known as the very funny @bornmiserable on Twitter. Tony is a musician, artist, Sylvia Plath enthusiast, member of the band Stryper, foot model, cheese connoisseur and a bad ass defender of social justice. M: Everyone I talk to loves you. What’s it like being adored by the world? …

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Interview with author G.M. Lupo

Today, I’m speaking with the illustrious and accomplished author of Freedom & Consequence, The Cheese Toast Project, A Tale of Two Sisters, Crazy Like the Foxes and The Long-Timers. M: Were the stories written for, Freedom & Consequence written all at once, with the idea of making a book, or were they written at various …

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Interview with author Gary Duffey

Today, I’m talking with the perspicacious Gary Duffey, author of the thriller, Territory. M:  When reading, Territory, My Antonia by Willa Cather came to mind, which also depicts the frontier of Nebraska during the 1800’s. Is there anything you read in particular that sparked the idea for writing Territory? G:  I’ll have to read, My …

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My Interview with Beth Argyropoulos or as I like to call her Beth Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrg!

  If you liked the special guest interview I did with Beth Argyropoulos on the very fabulous, Hall of Tweets: Beyond the Bio with @KateWhineHall then you will enjoy this never seen before director’s cut. K: Your name? M: Marietta Rodgers is my pen name; my real name is Melissa. Very few people know …

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Interview with Taffy Bennington

Today I’m talking with the hilarious Taffy Bennington. She makes quirky sing-along YouTube videos that the whole family can enjoy. Follow her on Twitter @singwithTaffy. M:  Are you a singer/musician in your day-to-day life, or are the music videos just a hobby? T:  I founded and operate a rescue/shelter for Capybaras and Pekingese hidden deep …

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Interview with Bryan Robertson co-author of Bacon Saves The World.

It’s All Kittens & Dildos!   Bryan and I doing our court-ordered public service, handing out condoms to drunk, horny teenagers. October 31, 1995. M: Where are you located on the planet? B:  On the top, thankfully, but more specifically, D.C., or at least that’s what I tell people. My “DC” is short for “Danville City.” …

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Interview with Beth Argyropoulos (@bourgeoisalien)

Marietta:  What were some of your favorite books growing up, and who are some of your current favorite authors? Beth:  Growing up I had a hard time finding authors I related to- I found most of what I read pretty dull, until 6th grade when I had a sort of rebellious teacher in Catholic school, …

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Interview with Aaron and James Alvarez of The Obscure Gentlemen

Today I’m talking with James and Aaron, two brothers and archenemies, of the very funny web comic, The Obscure Gentlemen. James also hosts, 12 For A Penny, a podcast dedicated to his favorite music. Aaron co-hosts, Plain Zero, a podcast where they watch a movie from the past, and discuss whether or not it stands the test of …

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