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Funny People Tell the True Meaning of Halloween


Is your refrigerator running?

Halloween is a time when we dress up in slutty costumes, watch horror movies, tell scary stories, go to haunted houses and pedophiles hand out candy corn. Some funny people from Twitter are here today to tell you what true horror is.

I’d like to thank all of the talented writers, musicians, artists and extremely funny people above for contributing their tweets. I feel truly humbled to know all of you and thank you for all of your support.

Check out the links to these amazing people:

@bourgeoisalien –

@ObscureGent –

@lanceburson –

@bornmiserable –

@Chyld –

@yonewt –

@distracted_monk –

@gmatt63 –

@Bob_Janke –

@singwithTaffy –


You guys need to leave now! I’m taking a bubble bath.


  1. Robert Kemp

    Love these so much!! 👻

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very funny. People can be scary creative in 140 characters.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. If I were running for something, I’d approve this message. Okay, okay, I’ll approve it anyway.

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  4. Thanks for the follow.


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