Mad Trump Beyond Blunderdome

trump thunderdome

Donald Trump, or ASSter Blaster if you will, runs Bartertown, which is mired in a Russian collusion scandal, that can only be described as a really lame-ass Thunderdome and coincidentally is fueled by the same thing as Bartertown, pig feces. In this arena, it doesn’t matter how many men enter, because they all leave, either by resigning, being fired or recusal. No one has gotten out of Blunderdome yet by dying, but don’t worry, there is still plenty of time for that. At this point, it is hard to keep track of how many people have exited Blunderdome, but here are some of the key players.

James Comey –  Head of the FBI, not fired immediately when Trump takes office, but on the 107th day into his presidency over, “mishandling of Hillary email investigation.” Certainly there is nothing suspect about firing the top official leading a criminal investigation against you. It’s not obstructing justice; it’s called Tuesday.

Mike Flynn – He’s everything you could want in a National Security Adviser and more. He was fired by Trump after lying about contacts with Russian officials, misleading the Vice President, discussing US sanctions, taking payments from groups associated with foreign governments, lobbying for foreign governments, being vulnerable to blackmail by the Russian government and his recipe for guacamole. (It’s Chipotle)

Preet Bharara – An Obama appointed, US Attorney from NY, who was fired by Trump, because he refused to resign. He was fired, despite the fact he was told by Trump when taking office, that he could keep his job. Bharara was investigating corrupt Russian businessmen with ties to Trump aides. He was also investigating Tom Price, Trump’s head of Health and Human Service Services, who traded health related stocks, while working on legislation affecting those same firms. He was investigating Trump’s favorite news organization, FUX News and former Chief, Roger Ailes, for failure to inform shareholders about sexual harassment settlements. Finally, Bharara was investigating Trump’s claim that Obama wire tapped Trump Tower. So many investigations, so little time.

Sally Yates – Acting Attorney General, who was fired by Trump, after she refused to enforce his executive order on travel and immigration. She told the White House that National Security Adviser, Mike Flynn, was vulnerable to blackmail by the Russians and he misled the Vice President about his conduct. After waiting 18 days and playing a few rounds of golf, Trump took her advice and fired Flynn. She was finally allowed to testify, and she divulged, that she told the White House that National Security Adviser, Mike Flynn was vulnerable to blackmail by the Russians; it was a startling revelation to Republicans.

Jeff Sessions –  Attorney General and my favorite character on Dukes of Hazzard, recused himself, from both anything involving the Russian interference with the presidential campaign and the investigation of the Clinton emails, all while consistently sticking his nose into the Russian interference and the Clinton emails. He also failed to disclose that he met with a Russian envoy during his Attorney General confirmations. He committed perjury about disclosing meetings with a Russian Ambassador. Apparently though, it’s not perjury if you say it like Forrest Gump.

Jason Chaffetz –  House Oversight Chairman and Soul Glo spokesman, abruptly announced he would not be seeking re-election. Then he announced he had to leave Congress for a month to have immediate surgery on a twelve year old foot injury, but only days later he was back in Congress. Nobody knows what is currently going on with Jason Chaffetz, including Jason Chaffetz. One thing is clear though, he thought it was time to turn in his Nazi Death’s Head ring and Jacuzzi pass, before having to eat a giant fuck sandwich. Thank God he didn’t leave before he voted in favor of the Republican Affordable Care Act.

Carter Page –  Former foreign policy adviser and grown man with dimples, resigned after it came out that he lied about discussing sanctions with Russian officials. The FBI obtained a FISA warrant to monitor his links between Russia and the campaign. In order to divert the DOJ from investigating him, he wrote a letter asking them to look into election fraud, disinformation and other abuses of the Hillary Clinton team. He’s available as a male escort, but only in the Cleveland area.

Roger Stone –  Former Trump Adviser and evil Keebler Elf, either quit or was fired by Trump, depending on who you ask. He had prior knowledge and tweeted about trouble for the Clinton campaign, right before official John Podesta’s emails were hacked by Wikileaks. Stone had communications with Guccifer 2.0, which is a Nickelback cover band and the alias of Russian hackers that hacked into the 2016 election. The most egregious thing that Stone did by far though, was have Nixon’s face tattooed on his back. (I wish that were a joke)

4 thoughts on “Mad Trump Beyond Blunderdome

  1. I feel some momentum though, don’t you? He can’t fire everyone, can he? There has to be a line somewhere that the Republicans won’t let him cross. I think the guy is going down if not this year then next. I hope.

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