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Ten Ways To Prevent Your Coworkers From Telling You About Their Weekend


It’s Friday afternoon; it’s almost time to go and that one coworker, who is always just a little too happy, wants to tell you about their weekend plans and if they don’t catch you on Friday, they will find a way on Monday to corner you and tell you in excruciating detail, all about how they pressure washed their deck. Here are ten full proof ways to nip that right in the bud.


  1. I envy people who have plans. Seriously. Such energy.

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  2. Yeah, I think I’ll pressure wash my deck this weekend. I’ll tell you all about it on Monday. 😉


  3. Ha ha ha. I like the plucking a hair from the head. That would be the last time the coworker ever spoke to you, ever!

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  4. Also works well on annoying relatives.

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  5. Remind me again why I should be interested


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