I made Bourgeois Aliens Shiny Garbage List. I am so honored! Thanks Twitter, You Got me Through 2016. The 33 Tweeters That Were Bright Spots in a Garbage Carnival of a year:


For some, Twitter is a place to inexplicably tweet about their favorite sandwich, post yet another selfie, or if you’re a trump troll, it’s a place to spew hate one misspelled word at a time. But for me, and for the scores of people that I follow, it’s about one thing: humor. And yes, of course, absolutely politics too- but even then it’s usually done under the umbrella of comedy.

When I hear a friend say, “I just don’t get Twitter” I wonder if they know that there’s a whole corner of Twitter that’s solely dedicated to hysterical, biting tweets. It’s a daily battle of wits, a place for those of us that savor language and intelligence go to not only entertain each other, but to make it through an otherwise bleak period in American history.  It’s better than any game, any crossword, or any show. There’s only one rule:…

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